How to do a Water Pressure Adjustment
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How to do a Water Pressure Adjustment on your L5 Water Heater

In the event your portable tankless water heater does not allow the needed amount of water to flow through to activate your microswitch, you may need to perform a water pressure adjustment to allow more water in.

To make the adjustment:

Looking up at the bottom of the portable tankless water heater, you will see 2 oval holes in the case. The hole that is furthest on the right looks up at the water regulator where you will see two Phillips head screws. Take the screw that is furthest on the right in about 1/4 or 1/2 turn. This will enable the portable tankless water heater to operate at a lower water pressure by restricting flow.


Below, you will see a more detailed view of the internal components of the Gas/Water Valve Assembly. You can see the two adjustment screws and their location.

Please keep in mind that the L5 is NOT to be permanently mounted or left unattended as it is not recommended and can be considered a hazard. Not for indoor usage or to be vented. Also, these units are not to be plumbed into the side or any other part of the house or location and are meant to serve for recreational use only. Using in the manners stated will void your warranty.***

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