How to Install The ESH SmartHome Mini Tank

Installation Instructions

A licensed professional should complete the installation adhering to all state and local codes. The manufacturer will not be liable for any damages because of failure to comply with these installation instructions or because of improper installation performed by an unqualified installer. 


Select a location that allows ease of access for maintenance, ideally with at least 9 inches of clearance at the top from any ceiling or cabinet interior.

NOTE: Only install in a vertical position.

Free Standing

Sit on the floor under a sink or in a cabinet, upright, as pictured in the diagram below and on the front cover of the manual.

Wall Mounted

Fasten the supplied mounting bracket to the wall. Use screws that are suitable for the wall material and the weight of the water heater filled to capacity (ESH-2.5 (41 lbs.); ESH-4.0 (57 lbs.). Hang the water heater on the bracket and pull downwards on the water heater to ensure that both fingers of the bracket are seated in the mounting slots.

NOTE: Make sure to leave at least nine (9) inches of clearance above your water heater.

NOTE: Confirm your water piping orientation (hot and cold) before wall mounting.



Water connections should be in close orientation to the install site. Confirm there is enough allowance for the water intake and outtake hoses to reach the water heater. 

NOTE: If your water pipes are copper or bronze, be sure to use dielectric connections to prevent corrosion. Failure to do so may cause damage to your tank and void your warranty. In order to protect the water heater from heat damage due to soldering, solder a piece of tubing to a threaded union fitting before screwing the union to the tank.

1. Install a shut off valve in line with the cold-water pipe.

2. Connect the cold water pipe to the inlet nipple, marked with a blue label.

3. Connect the hot water pipe to the outlet nipple, marked with a red label.mceclip0.png

IMPORTANT: Failure to provide dielectric insulation may result in premature tank or nipple failure and may void your warranty. The Temperature & Pressure Relief Valve (T&P valve) is for servicing and the valve should be in the open position when the water heater is in operation. DO NOT APPLY HEAT DIRECTLY TO INLET OR OUTLET CONNECTIONS.

*Please note: Mini tanks are for indoor permanent installations only. Before powering the water heater, be sure that the system is completely filled with water and all air is removed. This manual and all Eccotemp content is subject to change without notice. Please visit for more information. 



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